Beats Solo 3 Not Charging [Try This FIRST!]

Beats make one of the best headphones in the world. They are stylish, comfortable to put on, and reliable to work for years.

The Beats Solo 3 is among the most popular models in the long list of Beats On-ear headphones. They run smoothly for years, but they sometimes run into problems as well.

Today, we will discuss a common problem that Solo 3 users have been facing i-e Beats Solo 3 not charging.

If your Beats Solo 3 not charging for some reason, try resetting the headphones.

Press and hold the POWER & VOLUME DOWN buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds till the charging light starts flashing. The headphones will now reset and will start charging.

If this quick fix doesn’t work, then go through this detailed troubleshooting guide to fix your Solo 3 headphones.

Beats Solo 3 not charging – troubleshooting

There can be numerous reasons for your Solo 3 headphones to not charge, ranging from software glitches to faulty cable and other hardware issues.

Below are 12 troubleshooting steps you can try to get your headphones charging again.

1. Power cycle the headphones

Power cycling is just a fancy name for “turning it off and on again”. It is a popular troubleshooting technique used with electronic products, and it works most of the time and solves some common issues.

To power cycle or restart your headphones, just press & hold the power button until the headphones shut off. Wait for a few minutes and then power them ON by pressing the button again.

Once the headphones restart, plug the charging cable in and see if they are charging fine.

This simple trick mostly solves the charging problem unless your headphones have developed a more serious software or hardware issue.

2. Software glitch – reset your headphones

Sometimes, the headphones won’t charge because of a software glitch or bug. Like any electronic device, your headphones are also prone to such bugs. I have seen this issue in Skullcandy earbuds as well.

To remove any software glitch, the easiest way is to reset it to factory defaults. Doing so is easy.

Press and hold the POWER + VOLUME DOWN button simultaneously for 10 seconds till you see the charging light start flashing. After that, release the button and wait for the headphones to restart.

After the headphones restart, plug it back in and see if the charging issue is resolved.

3. Update firmware

You will have to update the firmware and install the latest one for more severe software issues that a factory reset might not resolve.

Firmware update is also necessary to keep your headphones up to date.

Update Beats using an Apple device: If you are using your Beats Solo 3 on an apple device (Macbook, iPhone, iPad, etc), they will be updated automatically as soon as new software is available. You don’t need to update them manually.

Beats Solo 3 Not Charging

Update Beats using Android: If you are using your Beats headphones on an Android device, you must download the Beats App from Google Playstore. Once the headphones are connected, you will get on-screen instructions to update your firmware.

4. Faulty charging cable

A faulty cable can also be the reason for your Beasts to not charge properly. Using the original cable that came with your headphones is always recommended for optimum results.

However, if you have lost your original charging cable, you can use any good-quality charging cable as a replacement.

check faulty charging cable

Thoroughly inspect your charging for any visible signs of damage. Specially check the pins and make sure they are clean and don’t have any layer of dust or debris inside.

5. Check the power source/charger

Similarly, it is a good idea to check the power source, i-e, the charger, and ensure it provides the required current for the headphones to charge.

Some people also charge their headphones directly via a laptop USB outlet, while others prefer a wall charging brick. Both are fine if they prove the required current and voltage.

To quickly check if the power source is not the issue here, try charging your Beats with a different charger or from a different USB port. This will tell you if you need a new charger.

6. Check the charging light

When you plug your headphones in, you see the charging indicator light which tells you that the charging has started. It is quite possible that this light is broken but your headphones are still charging.

To check this, note down the current level of charge on your headphones and connect them to the charging cable for a few hours and then again check the charge level.

If the charge level increased that means the headphones are charging but the light is not showing up.

7. Check for any physical damage

If you have been using your headphones for a long time and they have seen some rough action, chances are that something is physically damaged inside.

Check for any broken parts. Do you see any wires coming out of the enclosure? Is the USB port moving inside the slot?

If you see any physical damage, that means something might be broken inside that is causing the headphones charging problem.

If you are a DIY person, you can open up the headphones circuitry and check for any broken wires or components on the PCB board. If you are not sure what to do, perhaps its best to get help from a qualified electronics repair shop.

8. Check for water damage

Water is catastrophic for any electronic device. It short-circuits the components inside.

If you have recently splashed water or coffee on your headphones, perhaps that might be the reason for the not charging issue.

It is always recommended to turn your headphones off immediately after a water damage and keep it in indirect sunlight to fully dry up (do not keep in direct sunlight).

But once the water damage happens, the blown-up electronic parts need to be replaced by a professional repair service. There is nothing you can do at home to make it work again.

9. Clean the charging port

The charging port on your Solo 3 is open and it accumulates dust particles over time. These dust particles can reduce the conductivity of the contact surfaces and stop the headphones from charging.

Every once in a while, you should clean the port with a soft cloth or cotton swab dipped in isopropyle alcohol. Specially clean the small contact inside the charging port.

11. Check the room temperature

When lithium based batteries are charged in very high or very low temperatures, they get permanent damage. To avoid this, devices have built-in mechanism that stops charging the battery when it is too hot or too cold.

If your headphone temperature is above 40 C (104 F) or below 5 C (41 F), your headphone will not charge. This can happen in hot rooms or in extremely cold areas.

This isn’t malfunction but a safety feature. Get your headphone back to the safe temperature range and charge again.

12. Replace the battery

Batteries detoriate when used for a long time. This is true for your phone, your laptop and your Beats Solo 3 headphones.

If your Solo 3 have been with you for a good few years, perhaps its time to replace its battery with a new one. You can easily find a replacement battery on Amazon (link)

Replacing the battery is easier than it sounds. Here is the step by step process

  1. Open the headphone cover on the side with the charging port and power button. Be careful with the wires inside.
  2. Once the cover is off, you will see the battery. Carefully pull out the battery plug from the slot.
  3. Now, with the help of a sharp tool, pull out the battery by removing the adhesive tape at the bottom.
  4. Install the new battery the same way and plug it in to the slot.
  5. Install the top cover and you are done.

Here is a short video demonstration of Beats Solo 3 battery replacement.

13. Avail free battery replacement from Apple

If nothing has worked so far and you Solo 3 headphones are still not charging perhaps its time to call up the big boys and ask for repair or replacement (if you are under warranty)

Apple offers free battery replacement if you have Apple Care+ for your headphones and the battery capacity drops below 80%.

To get started with the process, visit their dedicated beats repair & service page.

Beats Solo 3 won’t charge – final words

Apple makes great and reliable headphones under the Beats brand. Their famous Solo 3 are among the first models after Apple acquired Beats in 2014.

The Solo 3 headphones rarely malfunction and the battery charging issue is also quite rare. But if you are suffering from such an issue, this detailed troubleshooting guide will help you get them charging again.

For more serious issues and repairs, you can always count on Apple’s superior after sale service.