Beats Studio Buds Noise Canceling Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide

The Beats Studio buds offer a great noise-canceling feature that works great out of the box. However, you might find it buggy at times. You might not be able to switch to Noise Canceling mode, or it might work in one ear only.

A few weeks ago, I was facing this same issue. Whenever I tried turning the Beats NC on, it will switch right back. I couldn’t even switch to transparency mode as well.

So I did some digging online to fix my earbuds. Apparently, there are a few reasons this could happen, including temporary software glitches and firmware bugs.

To fix the Beats Studio buds noise canceling not working, try power cycling the buds, unpair and pair them again, factory reset the case, and update the Beats firmware.

In this detailed guide, I will explain all the necessary troubleshooting steps that you can use to fix your Beats Studio earbuds noise canceling not working problem.

Resetting the Beats Studio Buds

The very first thing you are going to try to fix your noise canceling issue to factor reset your earbuds. Simply resetting your Beats earbuds will fix a lot of issues. This process is also called power cycling.

To reset your earbuds, follow the process below.

  1. Put both earbuds in the studio case and keep the lid open. 
  2. Press & hold the “System” button on the case for 10 to 15 seconds. 
  3. Once you see the LED indicator flashing white and red, let go of the button. 
  4. Once the buds are reset, restart your mobile phone, connect the buds to your device, and see if the noise-canceling feature is working. 

In most cases, this will fix the issue caused by any temporary glitch in the software.

Unpair & Re-pair the Studio Buds 

Another thing you can do to fix the Beats Studio Buds noise canceling not working on your device is to unpair the buds and pair them again to your mobile phone. 

To do this, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the “Control Center” on your mobile and long-press the “Bluetooth” icon. 
  2. Locate your Studio buds from the list of connected devices. 
  3. Tap the “i” icon next to the buds and select “Forget” to unpair the buds. 

After unpairing the studio buds from your device, wait for a few minutes and repair them using these steps: 

  1. Tap the “Bluetooth” icon in your device’s “Control Center” and hold it to open the Settings page. 
  2. Make sure your Beats Studio Buds are discoverable and find them in the list of available devices. 
  3. Once located, tap the buds to pair or connect them to your phone. 
Beats Studio Buds Noise Canceling Not Working

Insert the buds into your ears, activate the noise cancellation if you haven’t done it already, and check for the issue. 

Update your iOS

If you haven’t updated your iOS device’s software for a long time, this could affect the functioning of your Beats studio buds connected to the iPhone.

To resolve the error, you need to update your device’s iOS version by following the below steps.

To update your iPhone, go to “Settings,” tap “General,” and then select “Software Update.” Tap “Download and Install” and enter your passcode to start the update process.

After the update is complete, your iPhone will restart. Once it’s on, connect your Beats Studio Buds and check if the issue is fixed.

If this is your first time trying to update your iOS, you can check out this YouTube tutorial for assistance.

Update the firmware 

Up-to-date firmware is essential for your Beats earbuds to work properly. They bring new features to your earbuds and fix any common issues reported after the last firmware update.

You don’t need to update the firmware manually if you are using your Beats on an iOS device. If your iPhone or iPad has the latest iOS version, your Beats will have the latest firmware too.

Just make sure your iPhone iOS is up to date.

However, if you are on an Android, you will have to connect your buds to your phone via the Beats app to check for updates. If an update is available, you will get a prompt inside your app to update the firmware.

Check the tip sealing

If the earbud tip is not airtight in your ear, the ANC will not engage or will engage partially in one ear. This is one of the primary reasons for the noise cancellation not working on your beats studio buds.

To fix the problem, change the earbuds tip, if possible, or simply remove it and add it to your earpiece again.

Your Beats Stuido buds will come with a few different earbud sizes that you can try and see which one fix best to your ear contour. For ANC to work, the buds should sit airtight in your ear.

Charging the Buds 

Another thing that can cause the issue of noise cancellation not working on your device is the low battery of both the buds and the case. ANC drains the battery a lot and will need sufficient charge to work.

To make the noise-canceling feature start working again on your device, plug one end of the charging cable you get with your Beats Studio buds into the USB port on your laptop and connect the other end to the charging case. 

Put the buds back into the case and charge the case and the earbuds. If you don’t want to face any problems with the noise cancellation of your studio buds, ensure to charge the case up to 40% or more. 

If you are facing trouble in charging your beats studio buds case, check out our article to fix this.

Charging the Beats Studio Buds

Check & Adjust the Audio Balance 

If the noise cancellation is working fine in one bud but facing issues in the other one, you can fix this by checking the audio balance on your phone and adjusting it accordingly. 

Here are the steps you can follow to adjust the audio balance on your iPhone. 

  1. Go to “Settings” on your iPhone. 
  2. Select the “Accessibility” option. 
  3. Tap the “AirPods” option under the “PHYSICAL AND MOTOR” section. 
  4. Tap “Audio Accessibility Settings” on the next screen. 
  5. Scroll down to the “BALANCE” section. 
  6. If the round icon on the slider is placed either on the left or right side, you will face problems with the noise-cancellation feature. 
  7. Hold the round icon and place it in the slider’s center to maintain an audio balance. 
Checking & Adjusting Audio Balance

For Android users, this is what you need to do to adjust the audio balance: 

  1. Open the Beats app on your device. 
  2. Scroll down and tap “Press and Hold.” 
  3. Tap the toggle next to “Volume Control” to enable it. 

Once done, connect your buds to the device and see if the problem is fixed now. 

Conclusion – Beats Studio Buds Noise Canceling Not Working! 

In this guide, we have explored all the possible reasons for the noise canceling on Beats Studio Buds not working.

We have also looked into some fixes you can try to solve this problem on your own. Beats headphones are pretty reliable, and most of the time, you will be able to troubleshoot the most common problems with the beats earbuds at home.

Hopefully, one of these methods will work out for you, and you can enjoy music on the go without any outside noises disturbing you. Enjoy!