Beats Flex Won’t Turn On [SOLVED!]

Beats Flex Won't Turn On

Beats Flex by Dr. Dre is a budget wireless earbuds that come with Apple’s W1 chip. Thanks to the W1 chip, they work seamlessly across Apple devices. I wouldn’t say they are as reliable and robust as the AirPods, but you still get good-quality wireless headphones for a price tag of $50 or less. They … Read more

Are Beats Studio 3 Waterproof? [No… But!]

Are Beats Studio 3 Waterproof

Beats Studio 3 headphones are among the most popular headphones in the market. These headphones have become a favorite among audiophiles, music lovers, and fashion-conscious individuals. However, if you are a gym person like me, you must be wondering if Beats Studio 3 are waterproof/water resistant or not. Short answer is they are not waterproof, … Read more

Beats Solo 3 Keeps Disconnecting [THIS Might Be Why!]

Beats Solo 3 Keeps Disconnecting

The Beats Solo 3 headphones are a popular choice for music lovers. They are quite reliable (as most Apple products are), but you might sometimes get issues with the headphones disconnecting from Bluetooth. If your Beats Solo 3 keeps disconnecting, the most probable cause is Bluetooth range, interference from other devices, a software glitch, or … Read more

Beats Solo 3 Not Turning On [SOLVED!]

Beats Solo 3 are very reliable headphones with solid build quality and software. However, at times, your headphones might not turn on, and you might get a little worried (ok, a lot worried as they are 200-dollar headphones) But the good news is that you can revive your seemingly dead Beats Solo 3 headphones with … Read more

Beats Studio Buds Case Not Charging [SOLVED]

Beats Studio Buds Case Not Charging

Beats Studio Buds – not my favorite buds, I would say. They sound great, but they lack the typical reliability of Apple core products like the Airpods line. One of the common problems is the Beats studio buds case not charging. And that’s not the worst part of it. When the case dies without a … Read more

Beats X Flashing Red and White [FIXED!]

Beats X Flashing Red and White

Beats X by Dr. Dre has been in the market for a good 5 years. Although they have been largely replaced by the newer Beats Flex in the same price category, I can still see people rocking their BeatsX. If your BeatsX has been in your use for a while and showing a sign of … Read more

Beats Solo 3 Not Charging [Try This FIRST!]

Beats Solo 3 Not Charging

Beats make one of the best headphones in the world. They are stylish, comfortable to put on, and reliable to work for years. The Beats Solo 3 is among the most popular models in the long list of Beats On-ear headphones. They run smoothly for years, but they sometimes run into problems as well. Today, … Read more