JBL Earbuds Not Charging (Detailed Troubleshooting)

JBL earbuds are reliable and well-made and work for a long time if you use them with care. However, they do run into problems at times. One common problem is the JBL earbuds not charging in the case. This usually occurs when your earbuds have aged a lot or you haven’t used them for a … Read more

JBL Headphones Keep Turning Off [Here is WHY!]

JBL Headphones Keep Turning Off

JBL headphones are famous for their great build and sound quality. They come with cutting-edge features that you can expect in any high-end headphones. Although the JBL headphones are very reliable, they do run into problems from time to time. One of the problems is headphones turning off on their own. If you are wondering … Read more

JBL Headphones Not Charging [Causes & Fixes!]

JBL Headphones Not Charging

JBL headphones are trusted by thousands of users for their durability and sound quality. To top it all off, they feature a lithium-ion battery that keeps the device running for around 50 hours. But at times, you might fail to charge your headphones.  If your JBL headphones not charging, try changing the charging cables, cleaning … Read more

JBL Live 650 BTNC Won’t Turn Off [Try this FIRST!]

JBL Live 650 BTNC Won't Turn Off

If you are currently stuck with a JBL Live 650 headphones that won’t turn off, a quick reset will solve the issue. Here is how to reset your JBL Live 650. Factory reset your JBL Live 650 by pressing and holding down the Volume+ and Volume- button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Your headphones will restart … Read more