How To Connect Samsung TV to WiFi Without Remote [Easy Method…]

If you are currently sitting in front of your Samsung TV that is not connected to your wifi AND you don’t have your remote, this article is for you.

Although you can use your Smartphone as a remote but even for that your Samsung TV has to be connected to the Wifi.

So when disconnected from the wifi, your Samsung TV is as good as a box. So, how to connect Samsung TV to wifi without remote?

There are two ways you can connect Samsung TV to wifi without a Remote:

  • Use a cheap USB mouse to browse through the TV settings
  • Use an ethernet cable (most TVs have an ethernet port)

Let’s explore both these options in detail so that you have an up and running TV in no time.

Connect Samsung TV to internet using USB mouse

Before jumping into the steps, you should know that this guide only applies to Samsung TVs that got released within the span of the last ten years.

If your TV is older than that, then you won’t be able to connect it to Wi-Fi using this method.

You can check your TV model by checking the manual that came with it or looking for the TV serial number and checking it on the Samsung website.

You will need a USB mouse that is either wired or connects through a USB-Bluetooth dongle.

1- Connect your mouse to the TV

Start by plugging your mouse into the TV’s USB port. You’ll find the port on the back of the TV, and some Samsung TVs have more than one USB port so you can plug both your keyboard and mouse in at the same time.

2- Access the Samsung TV quick settings

Once the USB mouse is plugged in, you will see the cursor moving on the screen. That means your mouse is working properly.

Now you have to access the TV setting area to be able to use the mouse and connect to wifi.

Unfortunately, you can’t do this with the mouse just yet. You will have to use the power button to get into the settings menu first.

How To Connect Samsung TV to WiFi Without Remote
Samsung TV power button is located either at the bottom or on the side of the TV. Samsung keep changing the position from model to model so you will have to look.

To access the settings menu area, press the power button once. On the screen, you will see a few options popping up including Power, Source, Volume Up, Volume Down etc. (different models have slightly different options)

You can use the same power button to go through each of these options by single pressing it. To select any of the options you have to first highlight it using the power button and than long press to select it.

In this case, you have to highlight the Source option and then long press the power button to select it.

3- Go to Live TV

Once you click on Source option using the power button, a menu will appear on the right half of the screen.

Look for the Live TV option at the top, and hover over it using your newly connected mouse. Next, left-click on Live TV and wait for the side menu to appear.

4- Choose ‘Recommended’ from the side menu

Once the side menu appears in front of you, hover over it with your mouth till it expands. Then, go to the ‘Recommended’ section and click on it.

Now, a small notice should appear at the bottom of the screen to tell you that you’re disconnected from the network and ask whether you want to connect.

Choosing ‘Yes’ will send you to the Wi-Fi settings page. Once there, you can choose your local network, enter the password and connect to the wifi easily.

Here is a quick video demonstration if you are still struggling with the written instructions.

Once you are connected to the internet, you are ready to control your TV using a smartphone remote.

Keep reading to know exactly how to do that.

How to use your smartphone as a remote

After connecting to the Wi-Fi, you’re probably having a ‘what now?’ moment, but I am going to tell you exactly what to do.

You can use your smartphone as a remote for your Samsung TV until you find your physical remote. This way, you can scroll through channels and perform other essential tasks on your TV. Here’s what you should do.

First, make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same wifi network. Then, go to your phone’s app store, and download Samsung Smartthings App. This application will allow you to control your Samsung TV through your phone.

Once the application is installed, you should open it and choose the TV option from the main menu.

Then, turn the TV on, go to ‘Add device’ and click on ‘Scan nearby’ Now, the application will start looking for the TV, and it’ll show up on your mobile screen. Click on your TV’s name and follow the pop-ups that’ll show to finish pairing the two devices together.

After you finish, you can use your smartphone to scroll through channels, control volume settings, access your TV’s settings, and more.

You’ll also get a numerical keypad on your mobile screen that you can use to jump through channels.

You can use this application both on Android and iPhone.

Connect Samsung TV to internet using Ethernet

Although the USB mouse method is pretty easy to connect your Samsung TV to the internet, it can be a bit of a challenge for someone who is not that tech savvy. I would never expect my mom to be able to follow through the steps.

So there is another more straight forward way to connect your TV to the internet using an ethernet cable. For that, you will need an ethernet cable with connectors on both sides and a wifi router that is near your TV.

Just insert one end of the connector into the ethernet port on the backside of the TV and the other end into your wifi router and voila! you are connected to the internet.

However, this will just connect your TV to the internet and you still won’t be able to use your phone as a remote since your TV is not on the Wifi network.

What to do if your remote isn’t working

If your remote is sitting right there on the table but not working, you can try a couple of steps to fix it.

1.   Change the Remote’s Batteries

The most common reason for nonworking remotes is empty batteries. However, most people forget about this point.

Before jumping to conclusions, you should replace your remote’s batteries and see if it’ll work again, preferably using batteries that haven’t been used before.

If you don’t have a fresh pair right now, you can just slightly chew your old batteries and put them back in.

Chewing just remix the electrolyte inside the AAA batteries and give it some extra juice for the time being. But make sure you chew them slightly and not so much to puncture the outer shell.

If the remote still doesn’t work, move on to the next step.

2.   Re-register the Remote

This step is only applicable to smart remotes. If you have one, you might need to remove its pairing with the TV and re-register it.

To do so, hold the ‘Back’ and ‘Home’ buttons simultaneously, and don’t let them go till the LED light starts blinking red.

Now, the remote and TV are disconnected. Re-connect them by pressing the mouse pointer key.

3.   Check the Infrared Sensor

Most remote functions work by sending infrared rays to a sensor on the TV. If any object is blocking the sensor, then the rays won’t reach it, and the remote won’t work.

Before proceeding to replace your remote, you should check that the distance between your remote and the television is free from obstacles.

If you try these three steps, and your remote still doesn’t work, you might need to replace it from the Samsung store or get a new remote.

How To Connect Samsung TV to WiFi Without Remote – Conclusion

It’s always a headache when the TV remote gets lost or starts malfunctioning. No matter which TV you have, without a remote it’s a sitting brick.

You can’t even turn it ON in some situation. But luckily, losing it won’t stop you from connecting your TV to your local network. You can easily do so by plugging in an external mouse or keyboard.

Make sure to get a USB mouse because a Bluetooth one won’t work.

Simply connect your mouse to the USB plugs on the back of your television, and scroll through settings till you reach Wi-Fi. Find your local network, enter the password, and enjoy!