Logitech iPad Keyboard Not Working [8 Ways To Fix!]

When I first got my iPad Air 4 I never intended it to be my work machine. I mainly got it for media consumption.

But then I got a Logitech Touch Combo keyboard cover for it (mainly as a protective cover), and it turned my iPad into a full-blown laptop.

Since then, I have been using my iPad with the Logitech keyboard case for traveling.

The Logitech keyboard cover is great, but as with every gadget, it has its quirks. At times, it won’t connect or work as smoothly as it should.

If you also have this Logitech iPad Keyboard not working problem, don’t worry. I have solved enough of these issues to write a comprehensive guide that can help you.

Logitech iPad Keyboard Not Working – Reasons

There are two types of keyboard covers you can buy from Logitech. One connects with your iPad using smart connectors (Combo Touch and Rugged Folio), and the other connects using Bluetooth (Slim Folio Series).

Logitech iPad Keyboard Not Working

They have their own reasons for not working, depending on which one you have.

Here are some of the most common issues I have faced over the past year.

  • Smart Connectors get dirty and stop connecting properly with the device.
  • Keyboard keys gather dust and debris and won’t press properly.
  • Bluetooth won’t pair properly, and the Logitech keyboard won’t work.
  • A software glitch in your iPad.
  • Physical damage to your Logitech keyboard or iPad.

Below are some DIY troubleshooting and fixes that have helped me fix my unresponsive Logitech keyboard many times.

Some fixes can also be used on other Logitech keyboards that are not working.

Clean Smart Connectors [Quick Fix]

I am listing this method first because it’s very common and has happened to me a few times.

If you have the Logitech combo touch or Rugged Folio that connects with your iPad via smart connectors at the back or bottom, you should first check them out if they are dirty.

Smart connectors are prone to oxidation over time and develop a thin passive layer on top of the metal surface. This prevents their conductivity.

Dust and debris can also accumulate on the small metal connectors, preventing tight connections. You will get errors like “this device is not supported” or “accessory not supported” when trying to connect.

To make sure your smart connectors are working properly, you have to clean them with soft cotton dipped in isopropyl alcohol (tinctured alcohol).

Thoroughly clean both the connectors on the iPad and your Logitech case.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to align and seat your iPad properly inside the case so that the smart connectors are perfectly aligned. Otherwise, there will be issues.

After cleaning, connect your iPad carefully and see if you are able to type and move your cursor with the trackpad.

Now that we have the most common problem out of the way (dirty connectors) let’s do some general troubleshooting methods.

Restart Your iPad

This might seem like very generic advice, but some problems just go away with a simple restart.

Power cycling, as some call it, can remove any temporary glitch due to software incompatibilities or cache build-up. Since it is simple, it should be your first attempt at fixing any such bug.

Restarting your device is a recommended practice and you should do it every once in a while to keep your cache clean and RAM fresh.

But if it still doesn’t solve your Logitech keyboard issue, let’s try some more advance solutions below.

Update iPad Software

Keeping your iPadOS up to date is important for a variety of reasons. New releases come with bug fixes and patches that are crucial for privacy and security.

When I was first researching for the Logitech keyboard issue, I came across a lot of users who fixed their similar issues with an OS update. So I am going to put it here as a checklist item to check off.

Go to your settings and see if you have an update available. If you don’t know how, follow the below step-by-step process.

  • Make sure your iPad has more than 50% charge and is connected to Wifi.
  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Tap Download & then Install and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After the update is installed, the iPad will restart on its own.

Now try connecting your iPad and see if it is working properly. If yes, GREAT. If not, don’t worry, I have got more serious fixes below 🙂

Update Logitech Firmware

Ok, this one is important. Unlike iPad OS, which people usually update as soon as it is available, no one really bothers with the keyboard firmware update.

The reason is that it is not simple to check for and install the new firmware. You have to download a dedicated App for that.

To do this, first, install Logitech Control Center by scanning the barcode below with your iPad camera or search for it directly on the App store.

Once the App is installed, open it, and if new firmware is available, you will get an option to update it.

IMPORTANT!! Do not close the iPad, close the App, or try to use your trackpad or keyboard during the installation process or it will NOT work. I cannot stress this enough.

However, things get a little complicated if you previously tried to install firmware and interpreted the process midway. Logitech Control Center will think you have the latest update installed and will gray out the update button.

To go around this, you will have to re-trigger the update process. Follow the below steps exactly as I have laid out.

  1. Verify iPadOS Version:
    • Before you begin, make sure that your iPad is running on the latest iPadOS version. Go to Settings > General > About to check your current version.
  2. Prepare for the Update:
    • It’s important that you do not use the keyboard or touchpad during the entire update process.
    • Make sure your device has sufficient battery life or is connected to a charger to prevent any interruptions.
    • Make sure the keyboard is attached to the iPad.
  3. Unlock the Trackpad Firmware:
    • Open the Logitech Control app.
    • On your iPad screen keyboard (not the Logitech keyboard), simultaneously press the Q + W + E and Option (Alt) keys.
    • When done successfully, the text below the Logitech logo will change to read “Unlocking Firmware Update.”
  4. Initiate the Firmware Update:
    • Once you see “Unlocking Firmware Update” appears, look for the button saying “FIRMWARE UPDATE AVAILABLE.” Even though it might appear grayed out, tap on it.
  5. Start the Update:
    • A window saying “New Firmware” will pop up.
    • Tap on “Start Update” to commence the firmware update process.

Once the firmware update process completes, try using your keyboard and trackpad and see if it works.

Clean The Keys

Sometimes, your keyboard works, but only a few keys don’t work.

This is due to dust and debris that accumulate under keys and prevent them from being pressed.

A simple Can of compressed air can help clean your keys.

You can get these Cans at any hardware store or order them online from Amazon (Link). They are safe to use on all keyboards.

Simply point the can at a 45-degree angle and spray the malfunctioning keys from all 4 sides. Do this for each key and see if the dust is removed.

If you want to be thorough, you can get one of those Keyboard cleaning kits and do a better job than a can of air.

This once happened to my Zagg keyboard that stopped working and I fixed it that way.

Check Keyboard Settings

Incorrect language settings can also hinder the correct functioning of your Zagg keyboard.

Sometimes incorrect language/keyboard settings can cause the Logitech keyboard to not work.

Go to your settings and make sure you have the right language selected.

To do this, follow the below steps.

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPad.
  • Tap on “General” scroll down and tap on the “Keyboard” option.
  • Tap on “Hardware Keyboard” option, and at the top, you will see your current language – something like “English(US).”
  • Tap on the “Automatic” in front of it, and on the next page, select your preferred language.

After updating your language settings, check if you are able to type and use trackpad.

Check Bluetooth Pairing (for Slim Folio Series)

A few Logitech models, like the Logitech Slim Folio and Logitech Slim Folio Pro, come with Bluetooth keyboards that you need to pair with your iPad.

  1. First, turn Bluetooth ON on your Apple iPad.
  2. Now, press & hold the Bluetooth key on your Logitech keyboard for 5 seconds.
  3. Your Logitech keyboard will appear below the ‘available devices’ section on your iPad.
  4. Tap on it, and it will ask you to enter the code that appears on the screen.
  5. Now this is important!! On your Logitech keyboard, enter the number and then press Enter at the end.
  6. Your keyboard will not connect.

In step 5 above, most people just enter the code and wait for something to happen. You have to press ENTER after inputting the code. Logitech has failed to explain this properly.

Here is a video demonstration from a seemingly young but aspiring tech YouTuber.

If the pairing fails with “Pairing Unsuccessful” message, you can try it again a few times. Usually, it works on the first try.

If your device is not pairing or pairing but disconnecting after a few minutes, check for Bluetooth interference.

Bluetooth and other wireless devices like your home wifi or even your kitchen microwave oven use the same 2.4 GHz ISM spectrum band.

This causes Bluetooth interference.

Move away from these devices or power them OFF before pairing your Logitech keyboard.

Check For Physical Damage

In the end, if none of the above troubleshooting methods has worked for you, we can look for any signs of physical damage.

If you have recently dropped your keyboard case/folio or it has been in use for more than 2 years, chances are that there is physical damage inside that is the cause of the malfunction.

In most cases, I have seen the delicate ribbon that goes from the keyboard to the back of the folio get raptured. This happens to the folios with smart connectors due to overuse (Bluetooth versions have no ribbon)

Unfortunately, there is no quick or DIY fix for this one. You will have to either send your folio for repair or get a new one.

Contact Logitech Support

If none of the above troubleshooting steps solved your Logitech iPad keyboard not working, then it’s time to contact the Logitech support team for professional help.

Logitech provides two years of warranty, so you can claim a replacement if your keyboard is within their 2-year warranty.

If you are within the US, you can contact the support team on the following numbers:

(Local) +1 646-454-3200

(Toll-Free) +1 866-632-5644

Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time

You can also chat with their technical support team on their dedicated support page.