Remote Not Working On Samsung TV [FIXED]

remote not working on samsung tv

Samsung products are one of the most reliable products in the market. Their TVs are famous for their crisp & clear picture quality and easy-to-use TV OS platform. Yet, when the remote starts to act funny, watching your favorite Netflix series can turn into a frustrating affair. You’ll then begin to wonder: Why is the … Read more

How to RESET Vizio TV Without Remote? [SOLVED]

How to Reset Vizio TV Without Remote

Although modern TVs are designed to perform flawlessly most of the time, it’s fairly common for most TVs to go through a few issues every now and then, and Vizio TVs are no exception to this rule. While there are a few factors that can cause a Vizio TV to act weird, a good solution … Read more

How To Connect LG TV to WiFi Without Remote [SOLVED]

How To Connect LG TV to WiFi Without Remote

If you are currently sitting in front of your LG TV that is not connected to your wifi AND you don’t have your remote, this article is for you. Wifi connection is important because if you are not connected to the internet, you cannot use your smartphone as your remote to control the TV. So … Read more

How Do I Know If My TV Is 4K? [EXPLAINED!]

How Do I Know If My TV Is 4K

4K TV resolution is the new norm these days thanks to the advancement in technology. Now you can enjoy ultra HD content from the comfort of your home if you own a 4K TV. But if you are buying a TV or already have a TV, you might be wondering, how do I know if … Read more

Do You Need a Firestick for Each TV?

Do You Need a Firestick for Each TV

Amazon Firestick is a great little device to convert any TV into a smart TV. It’s a USB-size plugin device that connects to your TV HDMI port and adds tons of additional functionalities including multiple streaming services. If you have multiple TVs in your home and wondering if you can use the same firestick for … Read more