What Happens When You Restrict Someone On Instagram?

Though the restriction feature on Instagram has been around for quite some time, not many people have used it that much.

In fact, I myself got to know of it pretty late. 

Will they be able to like my posts? Can they see my pictures? Do they have access to my comments section?

These must be questions popping into your head after you restrict someone on Instagram. Right?

I have compiled this comprehensive guide explaining everything that happens when you restrict someone on Instagram. 

What Is the “Restrict” Feature On Instagram? 

The only way for you to know how the restrict feature works on Instagram and what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram is to understand the restrict feature first. 

Most people tend to confuse restriction with blocking. Both are not the same.

Blocking, as we all know it, is when you stop someone from interacting with you on your Instagram app and completely slide them out of your account. 

On the contrary, the “Restrict” feature is much more granular and lets you decide which part of your account the restricted user can access and interact with.

They Can’t See Your Online Status

It was primarily introduced as an anti-bullying feature on Instagram, allowing Instagram users to avoid unwanted communication and interaction on the app. 

The restrict feature is unlike the mute or block features you generally encounter on social media platforms.

It is more like a privacy wall you create between you and the restricted user from which they can see you but can’t interact with you without realizing it. 

What Happens When You Restrict Somone On Instagram? 

Now that you know what actually is the restrict feature on Instagram and how it is different from the mute or block features, let’s discuss what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram. 

1. They Can’t See Your Online Status 

If you don’t want a person constantly bullying you on the Instagram app to see your visibility status and know about your presence, restricting will hide your online status visibility from the bully. 

2. Your Message Status Remains Hidden

Usually, on the Instagram chat section, whenever you send a message to someone, you can find out if they have read your message by their profile picture’s icon below it.

The restricted users, however, won’t be able to find out whether you have read their messages. 

Your Message Status Remains Hidden

3. No One Can See Their Comments  

Though restricted users can comment on your posts, no one on the app but you and the restricted person can see the comment. This way, your integrity will remain protected on the app. 

Note: If you find the comments from a restricted user harmless, you can make them public via Settings. 

4. You Can Limit or Remove the Comments 

If restricted users leave inappropriate comments under your posts, you can delete them.

Doing so will stop any further notifications from the users. Furthermore, you can also limit the number of comments from restricted accounts. 

You Can Limit or Remove the Comments

5. You Won’t Get Notifications 

You won’t get notified of receiving messages from restricted accounts. Also, even if you read their messages, they won’t be able to find out. 

6. Messages Go to the “Request Box” 

Although the restricted users on your Instagram account can still send you messages, unlike blocked accounts, their messages don’t land straight in the direct messages section.

Instead, the messages from restricted accounts go to the “Requests” box, and you can visit there to see the messages. 

Why Should You Restrict Someone On Instagram?

Restricting someone on Instagram is equivalent to limiting your interaction with the person on Instagram, so make sure you make the right choice before doing this.

Although you can unrestrict someone on Instagram after restricting them, there is still no point in going through all the hassle if you are unsure. 

I have listed some reasons/situations compelling you to restrict someone on your Instagram app. 

You Won’t Get Notifications 

You Are Being Harassed 

If a person is constantly harassing you on Instagram, leaving harmful and humiliating comments under your posts, sliding into your DM and using foul language, or making you feel unsafe on the platform, there is no point in bearing all this. Instead, restrict the person right away. 

You Don’t Want Attention 

When you receive too many likes, comments, or direct messages from a stranger on the app too often, it can make you uncomfortable. So, it’s best to restrict such people to avoid unwanted attention without being too rude and upfront. 

To Avoid Toxic/Harmful Content 

Seeing toxic content consistently on your Instagram feed can affect your mental health adversely, and if you have recently noticed some user posting triggering and harmful content, consider restricting the person on your account. 

For Privacy Concerns 

Whenever you feel unsafe on the app, and someone is constantly spying on you, sharing your posts and pictures with others without your consent, restrict such people to protect your privacy. 

You Won’t Get Notifications 

To Protect Your Mental Health 

If some profiles on Instagram constantly make you feel inferior and you have started questioning yourself lately, don’t let such accounts play with your mental well-being and restrict them instantly. 


Can a Restricted Account See Your Story? 

Yes, restricting someone on Instagram might limit your interaction with them on the app, but they would still be able to see your story and Instagram feed. 

How Do I Know If I Got Restricted On Instagram? 

When you get restricted on Instagram, you won’t be able to see their activity status, no one can see your comments on their posts except them, and you can never guess if they have read your messages. 

Can Restricted Users See If I View Their Story? 

Even after restricting someone on Instagram, the story section remains the same. If you view their story, they can see you in their “Who viewed my story” section and vice versa. 

How to Soft Block On Instagram? 

To soft block, a person on Instagram, block their profile and immediately unblock it. This way, you will make them unfollow you without realizing it. They likely won’t notice it, and even if they do in the future, you can call it an error. 

Conclusion – What Happens When You Restrict Someone On Instagram?

Now you know what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram! Through this guide, I have tried to clear all the confusions you might have regarding the restriction feature on Instagram and have provided you with a list of all the things this feature comes with. 

Additionally, to help you make the right decision for yourself and keep you safe on the platform, I have added a list of red flags that you should spot and decide to restrict someone. 

Hopefully, the next time you face the slightest discomfort on the Instagram app, you won’t hesitate to hit the “Restrict” button. But wait; don’t be too hasty with it, and if you realize your decision was harsh, unrestrict the person. 

If you still have questions about the restrict feature on Instagram or are still confused, don’t feel shy and slide into the iphone-my discussion forums to get help from other members.